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Spanish association of animation producers

What is AEPA?

The Asociación Española de Productores de Animación was founded in Valencia in 1997 to defend the interests of companies in the animation production sector. AEPA moved to Madrid in 1998, and since then, it has grown by bringing together companies specialized in the most diverse animation techniques (traditional animation, plasticine, 3D, flash, stop motion, puppets, and multimedia).



  1.  Representation, defense and promotion of the social, professional and cultural interests of its members.
  2. Create favorable conditions to audiovisual production in the animation and visual effects sector.
  3. Promote the solidarity of affiliated companies, promoting and creating common services of a healthcare nature.
  4. Schedule the necessary actions to achieve social and cultural improvements of its affiliates.
  5. Dignify and improve professional activity of its affiliates.
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Board of Directors

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We are proud to have the collaboration of the leading animation companies in Spain. These outstanding organizations have driven industry growth and established exceptional standards of creativity and technical excellence, fusing boundless creativity, commitment to quality, technological cutting edge, and a strong network of collaboration and talent, giving life to an animated universe where excellence is the norm.


Link to the AEPA statutes updated to 2023:

Requirements to associate

They may be members of the Association, all those companies or professionals dedicated directly or indirectly, within the audiovisual field, to the field of Animation, Visual Effects, Video Games, Multimedia, Interactive (Including Augmented Reality or Virtual Reality), Internet and/or digital creation, which are registered in the corresponding registry of the Ministry of Labor or the competent autonomous body, observing the current regulations regarding its constitution and operation.

Any legal entity that wishes to join AEPA must request it in writing, accompanying documentation proving legal personality. The Board of Directors, by simple majority, will decide on the application for admission, for which it may require the applicant to provide any additional information it deems necessary in order to be able to decide on the application.